A journey through multiplayer games engineering

Backend Services for Games - Concepting

During my career I often worked as backend developer for multiple games and I have to say I liked it. I find the whole thing really interesting: it offers nice challenges and forces you to learn a lot of concepts, in order to be effective. For this reason I decided to describe my process with some articles on this blog, with this new series. It could be useful for readers who want to learn, but in the end it will surely be useful for me, in order to fix ideas and to collect feedback from other developers about my workflow. Continue reading

Multiplayer RPG Series - Networking (TCP vs UDP)

And here we are with the first, real post about development of this project! I apologize for the huge delay. :) As most of you certainly noticed, we are planning to create a multiplayer game. This means that we need to communicate with other players around us: nobody likes a multiplayer game that has no multiplayer features! This directly brings us to our next need: we want a way to transfer data among players, to make them know about each other and about their actions. Continue reading

Multiplayer RPG Series - Concepting

So – as I said – to create this blog posts series I will develop a game step-by-step to help myself to understand what I need to write down. Before I start with code and tech, I want to do a little bit of concepting: just to have a straightforward target and to have well-formed ideas. Also, I will try to establish what I need to develop in order to complete this game. Continue reading

Multiplayer RPG Series - Introduction

Here we are: look at the title, rub your eyes, look at the title one more time! :) Yeah, yeah, I know what you are going to say: “finally”. And you are right: finally! After a lot of time, finally I decided to start this blog series: who followed me certain remembers that I announced this multiple times, but for various reasons I always delayed the starting of this project. Continue reading