A journey through multiplayer games engineering

Multiplayer RPG Series - Networking (TCP vs UDP)

And here we are with the first, real post about development of this project! I apologize for the huge delay. :) As most of you certainly noticed, we are planning to create a multiplayer game. This means that we need to communicate with other players around us: nobody likes a multiplayer game that has no multiplayer features! This directly brings us to our next need: we want a way to transfer data among players, to make them know about each other and about their actions. Continue reading

Multiplayer RPG Series - Concepting

So – as I said – to create this blog posts series I will develop a game step-by-step to help myself to understand what I need to write down. Before I start with code and tech, I want to do a little bit of concepting: just to have a straightforward target and to have well-formed ideas. Also, I will try to establish what I need to develop in order to complete this game. Continue reading

Multiplayer RPG Series - Introduction

Here we are: look at the title, rub your eyes, look at the title one more time! :) Yeah, yeah, I know what you are going to say: “finally”. And you are right: finally! After a lot of time, finally I decided to start this blog series: who followed me certain remembers that I announced this multiple times, but for various reasons I always delayed the starting of this project. Continue reading